dealer in The Hague, The Netherlands

dealer in The Hague, The Netherlands
A blog to celebrate 30 years of buying and selling art, applied art, antiques, art nouveau, art deco, design, vintage and collectables, with memories and highlights from the collection in the past.


Nudes from the collection of Delta 98 Den Haag

dressed & undressed, sold & unsold, 
statues & figures, prints & paintings
from the collection Delta 98 Den Haag
The Hague, The Netherlands

                                    by the Akan People

by Kovacs                               by Jaap Eerland


                                                            by Theo Mackaay

by B. Douglas

              by the Hemba or Luba People    

           Dutch art deco magazin Wendingen         

by Rudi Rooijackers

by Johan Limpers                   by Kees Hoogendam

       by Carl Nack for Fraureuth

by the Akan People                                  

by Walter Crane                          by K.P.C. de Bazel

by Peter van der Meer

by Lucie van Duyn

by the Dogon People       by the Sawos People

                            by Fre Jeltsema  

                                          by Frank Letterie          

    by Gustav Gurschner                                    

by Rudi Rooijackers

by Eric Claus

by Renee Sintenis                attributed to Renee Sintenis

by Joop van Kralingen

by Bernhard Hoetger                         by Nic Jonk

by Jaap Eerland

by Frederico Carasso                                                     

by Fons Bemelmans

by Jaap Eerland

by Fred Carasso

by Joe Descomps Cormier

by Alexander Baranowsky

by Fred Carasso

by Jaap Eerland

by Frederico Carasso

1960's photography by Jaap Eerland

PSP poster with Saskia Holleman,
by Hendrik Jan Koldeweij and George Noordanus