dealer in The Hague, The Netherlands

dealer in The Hague, The Netherlands
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Vintage Analog Camera's of Delta 98 Den Haag & Jaap Eerland

a 6x6 Twin Lens Camera, by Rollei, Franke & Heidecke

Jaap Eerland likes all kinds of old analog camera's,
but the 6x6 Rolleiflex and Rolleicord is his favorite.

He used them as a, more then amatuer, photographer.
He went on trips just to make pictures, or he was commissioned
or he just pictured friends and family.

Friedel & Clivia

Jaap Eerland and the Leica by Ernst Leitz
You can wake him in the middle of the night to offer him one.

Jaap Eerland and Leitz Wetzlar accessories.

Leitz Summaron

Jaap Eerland and the very old bellows plate camera's.
Open, close, plate in and plate out, flahslight to see if there are any holes.
And the surprise of it being sold at first by 
Ivens & Co. fotografie-artikelen Nijmegen, Amsterdam, Groningen, Den Haag

Extra extension: how long will it be ? 
Back in and fold it, close it.
How small can it be ?

For a shaky hands you need help.
With Rollei Penta Prism and Pistol Grip

The photographer himself: