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dealer in The Hague, The Netherlands
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New in the Delta 98 Den Haag collection: Fantasy art, studio pottery by CARJAN - ceramists Car / Cornelia Vos & Jan Verheul

Delta 98 Den Haag, The Hague, Netherlands 

proudly presents a collection of studio pottery,

Fantasy Art ceramics, by:


Carjan is the artist's name for a married couple that worked together:

Car / Cornelia Johanna Vos, born 1922 in Leiden, 

she died in 2005 in Palzac, France


Jan Hendrik Andries Verheul, born 1911 in The Hague, 

he died in 1994 in Saint-Leon-sur-Vezere, France

a ceramic fountain sculpture by Carjan, 
water can flow up through the bottom and out the mouth

a comparable fountain head has been in the garden of 
Johfra in Le Moustier, France,
here below a still from the documentary  "Johfra, portrait of a Dutch painter" 
by Roderick Rodenburg

Cornelia Vos and Jan Verheul married in 1972 

and had met the 

Meta-realist Johfra - Franciscus Johannes Gijsbertus van den Berg, 

who went to France, so did Jan and Cornelia, 

where they lived and worked in the Dordogne

 still attached - a ceramic group 
with mother and child fantasy figures

both enjoying the ride ?  a ceramic group by Carjan

a large, ceramic lidded pot with dragon by Carjan

who is the prettiest in the world ? 
a ceramic sculpture by Carjan

a creepy creeping out - a ceramic sculpture by Carjan

it would be nice to add more information about Carjan,
if you have some and would be willing to share, please do

please contact: 
delta 98 den haag, 
The Hague, The Netherlands