dealer in The Hague, The Netherlands

dealer in The Hague, The Netherlands
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When silver plated Alpacca cutlery can be highly appreciated by Delta 98 Den Haag

When the flatware is of pure Jugendstil or Art Nouveau floral design,
known as the 
WMF Muster 29 / model 29,
with Efeu dekor / the Ivy leaf decor,
with the handles of the serving knife and fork 
executed in the beautiful, semi-plastic shape,
made by 
Wurttembergische Metallwarenfabrik
in Geislingen, Germany,
designed circa 1902-1903 by Albert Mayer,
and are in a beautiful condition....

then we like it very much:


6 fish forks, 6 fish knives, 1 fish serving fork or lifter and 1 fish serving knife,
now offered for sale by 
delta 98 den haag on

 Or when it is a fish cutlery set of silver plated alpacca,
in the typical Darmstadt geometric Jugendstil design,

designed circa 1902, by 

Joseph Maria Olbrich

for Clarfeld & Springmeyer in Hemer, Germany,
executed for the 1904 Darmstad artist's exhibition:
Ausstellung der Kunstlerkolonie Darmstadt / Darmstadter Kunstlerkolonie
in Hessen 
and for the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 
informally known as the 
St. Louis World's Fair in St. Louis, Missouri, United States

24 for piece fish couvert / flatware
12x knive + 12x fork

with the 1904 mark:

offered for sale by 
delta 98 den haag, on