dealer in The Hague, The Netherlands

dealer in The Hague, The Netherlands
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Galerie Delta 98

In 1990 we started our full time business as
Galerie Delta 98
in a small shop in the Piet Heinstraat, in The Hague
The house number was 98, and that's how 98 got in our name
This is a photograph taken with an analog camera
in December 1991 of the Christmas shop-window.

We still remember who bought the jugendstil cabinet, it was
Henk Nijenhuis,
who we got to know as one of the most important dutch specialists of art nouveau and art deco tiles, he learned us a lot about that subject by sharing his knowledge, love and enthusiasm.
For his professional side as restorer in art nouveau and art deco buildings see:

The two dolls that we gave cardboard wings for the Season's atmosphere, became angels coming from heaven (or just dropping from the ceiling)
They were bought by Ben van Os, who lived just around the corner and frequently visited our shop or stopped at the window.

Ben van Os (1944-2012) lived in The Hague, Netherlands. He was a production designer and art director, known for Girl with a Pearl Earring, his work with Peter Greenaway, f.e. Drowning by Numbers - The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover - Prospero's Books - and many more.

After four years the shop on Piet Heinstraat no. 98 was getting to small. You could hardly walk between the furniture and objects. 
We even had to show pieces on the sidewallk.
Time to move on !
In 1995 we rented a six-times bigger shop in an art nouveau building just across the street, on Piet Heinstraat no. 113
The, now, three shop-windows gave people a much better idea of what we offered and it was a delight to design them every few weeks
pictures from the Delta 98 Den Haag archive by: Jaap Eerland
text by: Marx Warmerdam